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About DeKam Construction

Our History

In 1973, Roger DeKam began what is now DeKam Construction. He was taught by a close uncle, who had to that point run a very successful tiling business for over 30 years. Every part of DeKam Construction's heritage comes from a family taught, owned and operated business that today still has those values. From cement to the newer corrugated polyethylene tile, DeKam Construction has installed the best of that day's technology. In early 2004, John, Roger's son took over the company as CEO.

The Team

We are a small team; however, we get the job done right the first time. When you own and operate the company with family and a great staff, it's easy to accomplish work quickly and efficiently. Below is our current company.

  • John DeKam - Owner

    John DeKam - Owner

    John has over 25 years of experience installing drain tile.
    He's also experienced in land survey, farm drain tile design
    and a drain tile operator

  • Roger DeKam - Project Manager

    Roger DeKam - Project Manager

    Roger has over 41 years of experience in farm drain tile installation,
    site preparation, land surveying and farm drain tile design.

  • Cory Gorter - Job Site Foreman

    Cory Gorter - Job Site Foreman

    Cory is our plow operator, excavator operator. He has been with
    DeKam Construction from 1996 to present.

  • Steve Gschwind - Operator

    Steve Gschwind - Operator

    Dozer operator, tile stringer and laborer. Steve has worked with
    DeKam Construction from 2007 to present.

Coverage Area

Below is a map of our general coverage area. We do travel all over the Midwest, serving the Dakota's (South Dakota, North Dakota), Minnesota, and Northeastern Iowa.

If you are outside the map, please contact us to find out if we can travel to take on your project, or to the left of each page will be an estimate form. Take a moment to fill it out and we'll contact you as soon as we can.

DeKam Construction Coverage Area - Dakota's, Minnesota, and NE Iowa